Scaling and Polishing

Dental Hygiene Includes

Brushing of teeth twice daily
Using mouthwash and rinsing mouth after any food intake
Using of floss to clean interdental ares
Cleaning the tongue and also other areas
The above are daily hygiene but professional cleaning is also required after good oral hygiene maintenance at home which is done in the dental set up and is called SCALING & POLISHING.

SCALING & POLISHING is done as there is hard calculus that forms surrounding the tooth structure and thus causing decay to the underlying bone and gums. As a result of bone decay the teeth become loose & also loses its support from bone & gums and it falls off prematurely. So SCALING is done to remove those hard deposits called calculus and make the teeth and underlying structure healthy and strong. POLISHING is done to as to make the surface smooth and on a smooth surface particles don’t get stuck and also polished tooth looks shinier and healthy and the smile is improved.

Scaling and Polishing of teeth