Minor Oral Surgery

Minor Oral Surgery

Extraction of tooth is its removal from the socket. It is done when the tooth is a source of infection to the underlying structure or is severely damaged that any other alternative treatment (eg.Root Canal Treatment) cannot save it. Many a times tooth is extracted when milk teeth dont fall off on time and permanent teeth come in hapazard way. Extraction of tooth is also done when there is no space in the oral cavity and the tooth is impacted inside (eg.Wisdom Teeth Removal).
Extraction of tooth is done under local anesthesia and prior to extraction x ray is taken for better diagnosis and treatment planning.

Post extraction the following instructions are to be taken care of:
The cotton should be pressed tightly for 15 mins
Shouldn't place tongue on the extraction site
Shouldn't spit or brush for sometime
Shouldn't smoke or eat any hard or spicy food
Can have an ice cream post extraction and ice pack from outside reduces swelling
24 hours after surgery salt water rinsing is adviced.

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