Poor dental health cause

Dental Health

There is an old saying that “A good smile warms heart and opens doors”. Smile is an expression we use to greet a person. So in this professional world a good smile is as important as our qualification. We live in such a stressful world. Our professional & personal commitments leave us with little time to take care of our health & well being. But as we all are aware of the fact “Health Is Wealth” how many of us do we really maintain a good well being???

Some dental tips for healthy smile and good oral hygiene

Brush at least twice a day.
Use fluoridated toothpaste.
Brush thoroughly.
Floss your teeth.
Limit acidic drinks like soft drinks.
Limit sugary foods.
See your dentist for regular check-ups.
Basically I m a Consultant Orthodontist so would enlighten u regarding my speciality which treats patients with improper positioning of teeth like spacing between teeth, forwardly placed teeth, crowded or crooked teeth so whenever u see such abnormalities an orthodontic consultation is must. Only your orthodontist can determine whether you can benefit and how will the outcome be from the treatment.

How does Orthodontic Treament Work?

Many different types of appliances, both fixed and removable, are used to move teeth, retrain muscles and affect the growth of the jaws. These appliances work by placing gentle pressure on the teeth and jaws. The severity of the problem will determine which orthodontic approach would be effective and what will be the duration of the treatment.

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